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Molise is an interesting geographical reality characterized by mountains, sea and hills. The Matese mountains on the border with Campania, the Mainarde on the border with Lazio, the green hills, the coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea, rivers, oases and artificial lakes that testify to the abundance of water available in the area.

The small region boasts an important landscape heritage where uncontaminated nature, clean air and the spectacular scenarios consisting of mountain paths, green trees and mountains with rocky walls, make the area particularly attractive for those who want to relax, regenerate and exercise. For those who want to live unique experiences, they can explore the mountainous paths aboard a jeep and go trekking accompanied by expert staff.

Among the most important Oasis there are: the WWF Oasis of Guardiaregia-Campochiaro, the Lipu Oasis of Casacalenda, the Oriented Natural Reserve of Peaches, the Apennine Flora Garden of Capracotta and the lakes of Guardialfiera, Lake Occhito and the Lake of Castel San Vincenzo. The lakes and the Biferno river are also passable with fascinating Canadian canons or rafts for an exciting excursion.

Molise is characterized by the important presence of grassy paths (so-called Tratturi), ancient dirt roads still used by shepherds during transhumance, on which it is possible to carry out trekking or simple walks.

Many suggestive activities can be carried out in the mountains such as the passage on the thrilling Tibetan bridge of Roccamandolfi, climbing, snowshoeing on the snow, skiing and snow-boarding in Campitello Matese.

It’s an ideal territory for those who want to get away from the hectic big-city life and relax doing quiet walks in the countryside in contact with unspoiled nature or doing bird watching listening to the chirping of birds with a professional staff. At the Garden of the Apennine Flora of Capracotta you can hear “the voice” of the trees with specific tools that record the vibrations emitted by the plants.

The coast is typical of the Adriatic area, fine sand and not very high water, ideal also for families with small children, and it is also possible to ride it on horseback. You can do boat trips from Montenero di Bisaccia reaching enchanting places where you can enjoy the spectacular scenarios the crystal-clear sea and the green landscape that surrounds it or you can have fun playing in the water with friends on board banana boats.

During excursions, walks, trekking, trips by jeep, canoe and on boats there will be breaks to taste local products.

Molise also has numerous wellness centers surrounded by nature, they are equipped with body care treatments, to relax the mind and sense regeneration.

All this and much more to relax and take care of your person in water paths while letting yourself be inebriated by the oriental perfumes of massage creams.