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About us


The “permanent position” exists only for her. From her desk she keeps thousand of people moving!


As a child she dreamed of becoming a magician, today she turns ideas into journeys!


With the experience of someone who covers 100.000 km in a year, couldn’t this be why he doesn’t miss one?


The attentive and always connected director, who brings with him infallible strategies.


He is the boss with an unerring nose and, like the director of an orchestra, he makes his company a melody.


Molise Tour is a family owned charter bus company based in Italy and operating throughout Europe. Our modern and elegant fleet of buses guarantees the maximum comfort, reliability and safety for every trip. Quality and efficiency are the characteristics that led us to become the charter bus company chosen by many customers and travel agencies over the past 25 years.


Omega Travel is the leading travel agency in the area of group travel. Our headquarter is in Molise, from where we operate incoming and outgoing.

It is possible to experience group travels, starting from Molise, through a wide programming of guided itineraries of one or more days. We offer complete tourist services also for pre-established groups, offering our collaboration from the preliminary design phase of the possible itineraries, in order to immediately optimize the quality of the trip and the efficiency of the services.

Our travel proposals for incoming in Italy, in which the territory of Molise is proposed as a new destination to visit and discover in all its charm and beauty, born from the experience and know-how developed in the national territory and from the direct knowledge of Molise. Our travel proposals ensure services with the guarantee of excellent results and can be customized.

We provide ongoing support during each trip.