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Immersed in the Molise countryside, between nature and breath-taking landscapes, you can live a sensational experience by participating in the first person in the collection and milling of the olives, two essential stages of the production of extra virgin olive oil. Professionals in the sector will indicate the best techniques for the collection and illustrating the technological evolution over the years. At the end, tasting of the “new” oil and typical lunch.


Discovering Molise is a pleasure for all the senses, especially for the taste. The culinary tradition reigns supreme in Italy and above all on our territory, it is an important cultural experience.

High quality local products create a deep bond with the identity of this area and through an interesting cooking course you can deepen the roots of Molise and learn the secrets of the Molise culinary tradition.


A guided tour through the woods of the Molise hills, where priceless treasures are hidden, for a memorable truffle hunting excursion with dogs. The most intricate secrets on the truffle will be revealed, including insights into the environment, their biological cycle and how truffle dogs are trained. Lunch with typical dishes of the Molise tradition, the absolute protagonist will be the truffle.


To deepen the knowledge on the rural world and to make an exciting tour in farms capable of involving large, small, groups and school groups. From the cultivation of vegetables, to breeding to reach the table, a path to discover the never-ending traditions of genuine products like those of the past.


Live the passion of a millennial craft. An immersion in the vaporous and fragrant atmospheres of the artisan workshops for the production of raw milk cheeses, to discover the history of Caciocavallo and traditional Molise cheeses and experience the world of transhumance.


All you need is only fantasy! In pastry shops, supported by experts in the sector, it is possible to create unique masterpieces with your own hands. Techniques and recipes will be taught to prepare quality desserts, thanks to the authenticity of the raw materials and decorated in an incredible way.


Molise offers its visitors the opportunity to carry out experiential tourism thanks to the availability of numerous companies that allow everyone to work their products alongside expert staff. Visit farms where you can participate in the collection of the products of the land, work on cheeses and knead flour, as well as visit the stables to get to know the animals.

The oil mills where you can visit olive fields, the cellars with vineyards and fine wines, craft breweries, companies famous for the production of mushrooms and truffles that let you discover their characteristics and their link with tradition.

Young and old people can have fun inside educational farms and in confectionery companies where to decorate tasty chocolate desserts or in a bakery to knead bread.

Engaging experiences that allow you to understand the great value of artisan products made as they once were and made special by their authenticity.