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Discover the most hidden and least known part of the territory on an off-road vehicle through simple dirt roads, streams, sheep tracks or insidious mule tracks. Food and wine breaks along the way


A descent through the rapids of the Biferno river, in a splendid naturalistic setting, you can practice adrenaline-pumping and safe rafting by living a dynamic and fun experience


In verdant and uncontaminated context, we find walls equipped for all levels, from those who approach this activity for the first time but also to excite the most experienced and skilled climbers


On the slopes of Matese exclusive and safe paths will give you hours of sport and fun on board the Mountain Bike. Immersed in a luxuriant and immaculate nature, colors and landscapes will be the frame of your day. Routes suitable for all levels and a team of long experience to guarantee safety and assistance


Canadian canoeing is possible on the Biferno river and in the lakes of Molise. Wonderful and uncontaminated places, with different and colorful morphologies. Unique naturalistic experience, a total immersion in a nature that preserves its characteristic features intact


Choose your guided boat holiday among the enchanting wonders of the Adriatic coast: from the Costa dei Trabocchi to the coast of the Gargano or visit the Tremiti Islands and the Punta Aderci Nature Reserve. Flyboard, water ski, wakeboard, sup and canoe for those looking for a fun experience at sea


The slopes of Campitello Matese are located between 1450 and 1900 meters above sea level and extend for about 40 kilometers served by ski lifts consisting of 2 chair lifts and 6 ski lifts. There are slopes with increasing difficulty and it is possible to practice cross-country skiing


Through ancient paths it is possible to explore uncontaminated places where time has stood still and the landscape has remained unchanged for centuries. From the simple walk of a few hours to crossings of several days along the Tratturi to the discovery of ancient Samnite villages, of Upper Molise, of Matese, of the “Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park, caves, hermitages, castles, monumental trees, fountains, streams, unspoiled


By the sea or in the mountains it is possible to live a unique experience immersed in nature. Possibility of food and wine breaks during the excursion


Molise is a small region capable of giving magical moments of adventure to all those who want to explore the environment with fun while practicing sports. Experiences in close contact with nature that allow you to discover the landscape features of the entire territory.

Ideal place for those who love exploring by bicycle and on foot, engaging in trekking activities along the sheep tracks, ancient paths of beaten grass still traveled by cattle during transhumance, on the paths of the Matese and in the surroundings of Roccamandolfi, where visitors will have opportunity to stop on the adrenaline-filled Tibetan bridge, a small masterpiece of engineering and metal carpentry suspended between two promontories.

It is also possible to board a Jeep which, we assure you, has never been so fun! Reach unexplored places by crossing sheep tracks, streams, woods and rocky mountains to enjoy spectacular views.

Unique and evocative moments to be experienced aboard inflatable boat and Canadian canoes among the waters of the Biferno river or also navigating the numerous natural and artificial Apennine lakes in the area such as Lake Matese, Lake Castel San Vincenzo, Lake Gallo Matese.

In spring and summer it is possible to try horseback riding by the sea or in the woods, while in winter it is recommended to stay at the ski resorts of Campitello Matese and Capracotta, the most important in the center-south, where in addition skiing you can do other activities on the snow such as snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

From Termoli and Montenero di Bisaccia you can make fascinating boat trips that allow you to reach the Costa dei Trabocchi, the Tremiti Islands and the Punta Aderci Nature Reserve, enchanting places surrounded by an important historical and archaeological heritage where the crystal-clear sea allows you to look at the seabed.